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Our Campus

Built between 1926 and 1927, the complex of buildings that make up the First Trinity campus have been serving the needs of the Pittsburgh Lutheran community for over seventy years. The church was designed in the fifteenth century Gothic style by Corbusier and Lenski, famed architects from Cleveland. The builder was Edward Wehr of Pittsburgh. Total cost of the new building was approximately $400,000. First Trinity is constructed of Bedford, Indiana limestone, suggesting the classical medieval cathedrals of Europe. The high ceiling in the nave contributes to an atmosphere of deep devotion and high aspirations toward God. The stained glass windows illustrate Bible people and scenes, dedicated to the whole Word of God.

Trinity Church

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Trinity Church, the center of Christian faith and life for First Trinity Evangelical-Lutheran Congregation and her missions.

Favoring the style of fifteenth century English gothic cathedrals, Trinity Church can seat over 350 people. The church is acoustically “alive” making it a fine setting for preaching, corporate singing and chanting, and the 52 rank Skinner organ. In the words of its architect, O.L. Lenski, “It is a temple reared about the altar, yet subordinate and leading up to it, growing more splendid and beautiful as the sanctuary is approached.”
The stained glass windows each tell a biblical story and lead one’s attention to the centrality of the cross on which our salvation was won and the altar on which our salvation is given.

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